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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

China Cabinet Progress

So I know we've been MIA the past week or so, but that's b/c both Katina (Recipe Gurl) and I were in Richmond for her engagement party!!  We will post on this tomorrow for "Wedding Wednesday".  I got back from my trip yesterday almost thinking that my China Cabinet would be magically put back together and completely finished, instead still in the middle of my Living Room and all over my poor Dining Room.  No such luck. I know I have been complaining about this project, but once I started, it's really not that bad.  It just comes down to finding the time to finish it.  I finally disassembled it and put two coats of White Primer on it.  First check out the before pics.  Here are some pics of my progress:

I'm being lazy by not painting the inside

I had to use a makeup brush to get into these crevices!
I used the Behr Undercoater Enamel Primer and Sealer and let me tell you - this is the best primer EVER because you don't have to sand your surface before applying it!  I absolutely HATE sanding and am so happy that this primer allowed me to completely skip this step.  Of course, if you have a really rough surface that really needs the sanding, then I suggest you do so anyways.  My cabinet was in perfect condition, it just had that shiny top coat on it that I thought for sure would need to be sanded off first.  

Next step:  Two top coats of glossy white; spray paint the brass hardware with brushed nickel spray paint; cover the back panels with fabric/wallpaper (did I mention that I changed my mind on painting the back panels that jade green?  I feared that it would make the china cabinet look too 'beachy' or 'shabby chic' instead of the modern look I'm trying to achieve.)

There will still be some space on both sides of the cabinet once it's in the Dining Room, so I'm thinking of getting some of these prints off Etsy to put on both sides:


At $10 a print, how can you go wrong??

What projects are you all working on?


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