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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Look for Less: West Elm vs. Target

Last week I FINALLY got around to buying the essentials for my abandoned Guest Room.  I had seen the below photo on my all time fave website:, fell in love and decided that my guest room must look like this.
On my never-ending hunt for a good quality white duvet - I stumbled across this one at West Elm:

West Elm was just having a sale so I purchased the duvet cover and two standard shams - totally about $120.  Because it is just a duvet cover - I went to Target to get a down comforter to put in the cover.  Imagine my excitement when I stumbled across the below duvet SET which includes the comforter, bedskirt and shams for wait for it...wait...$90!!  So I bought the set from Target, brought both of them home for inspection.  The one from Target is softer, fuller and seems like such a better quality than the one from West Elm.  So I'm keeping the one from Targ and am working on making the room look like the one from  I will post my final result when I'm finished.  Below is just a generic pic of the Targ duvet set:

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