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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

China Cabinet Project: Finally Complete!!!

Okay so MONTHS after my first post on this, I have finally finished that beast of a china cabinet and could not be happier with the turnout.  It took so much longer than I anticipated, but so worth the wait.  I hastily purchased several fabulous fabrics to put on the back panels, but in the end I settled with a Vintage Gold paint by Martha Stewart.  Let me tell you, I love this color so much, I'm in the process of hunting down other things in my house that I can paint with this stuff.


I think the gold really enhances all of the antique pieces with the contrast against the new pieces.  

Here it is again BEFORE:

Old Fashioned and NOT Working with my Style

My Muse:


Sorry mom and dad - it's not that I didn't appreciate this beautiful antique, it just wasn't meshing with the style I'm trying to achieve in my new home.  

So without further adieu, here is the FINAL result:

Side View Without Any Accessories

Front View Without Accessories
It almost took me just as long to pick out and organize the perfect accessories to display.  But I think I did a pretty darn good job:

Fully Accessorized

What makes me so happy about the cabinet is that every single item I've displayed has some sort of history or meaning to either me or the bf.  The above picture shows an old autograph book that belonged to my great-grandmother, Amanda Caroline Fromm, for whom I was named.  This book dates back to 1897 - how cool is that?  The little girl in the frame is my grandmother Fromm as a baby.  Those books belonged to my grandfather; they are actually from the Harvard University Library - where he went to school.  That glass pitcher - well that has been in my family for centuries.  I'm ashamed that I don't know the full history behind that thing.  I just know that it's beautiful.  

Below is the room as a whole:

Please excuse the hideous chandelier.
Next steps:

~Replace Chandelier with something like this:


~Find Fab Rug

~Hang these Peacock Prints on Either Side of Cabinet:

Source glad this project is over.  On to the next project.........stay tuned to see what that may be:-)


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  1. It looks sooo good Amanda! I love refinishing furniture (especially to white) and this looks great!! Good job!! xox