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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Top Five of the Moment

I've actually been meaning to write this for awhile, but since I'm so fickle about everything, I wanted to make sure I continued to love the following items for a whole month just to be on the safe side...and I here we go...

1.  Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette (Limited Edition)- I wear this  The colors range from soft vanilla and peach to smokey gray to deep bronze.  I wear the nude and peach colors during the day for a natural look and then at night switch to the bronze and pewter colors.  The palette even comes with an amazing duel-ended brush and two cream eyeliner/shadows AND Smasbox's famous eye-primer.  Not to mention, it includes photo How-To Guides on creating certain looks - fool proof!!  The primer makes my shadow and liner last all day but the shadow is such good quality, it lasts even when I forget the primer.  This is a summer must-have!  The pic below is from Sephora since they are featuring the palette at a special price of only $48 and again - it's limited edition, so I recommend scooping this up asap!

2.  Aveeno Nourish and Condition Leave-In Conditioner - Again, I put this on my hair  I am desperately trying to grow out my thin, frizzy hair that NEVER seems to get past my shoulders.  I think the main reason is that when it gets to a certain length, the ends become extremely brittle and dry so I end up getting frustrated and chopping it off again. But since using this product, I have seen a huge difference in the texture of my hair.  There's nothing in it that makes hair grow, it just makes the ends of my hair silkier and prevents breakage so that it looks great while growing out.  With the help of this product, I have finally left my hair alone and it's longer than it's ever been!  Even if you aren't growing your hair out, this product is still great on any length hair to help with damage with my REDcard but you can get it anywhere from the grocery store to Walmart.
3.  Target's Mossimo Cotton Tanks - So I am always on the never-ending search for the perfect tank.  It needs to be the perfect length, the perfect strap-width, the perfect fabric...and even though I'm this picky about it, I'm still not willing to spend a ton of money on it...because after all, it is still just a tank.  So I am so happy to report that I have finally found the perfect tank and it was under my nose at Target the entire time!  The Mossimo long and lean tanks are super soft cotton, with medium width straps, the perfect length and only $8...yes, $8.  They come in every color and I seriously never want to take them off.  I wear them underneath a cardigan for work, or by itself on the weekend.  My never-ending search has finally come to an end.

4. - I probably should have made this Number 1 on my list, even though this list is in no particular order...but I am seriously obsessed with this new website.  For years now I have been trying to keep ideas, pictures, recipes, etc...that I like all together somehow.  I even tried making a 'scrapbook' of sorts that held photos and magazine pages I ripped out with things I wanted to keep and remember for future reference.  Why does that never seem to work?  Nor does it work to save files in my email or bookmark them on my internet browser because things are still spread out all over the place and impossible to find again.  Finally, some genius has created where you can create 'Clipboards' to house all things you love.  You do this by 'pinning' photos or websites you want to keep onto your designated Clipboard.  I find myself going there every single day to look at the photos of decor, style, makeup, recipes, etc...whether I need an outfit inspiration or idea for what to cook that night.  You can also browse other people's Clipboards and 'follow' them if you really like what they are 'pinning'.  It's hard to explain - but go check it out and I swear you'll become addicted too.  Check out my Boards and start pinning!  Since I will be decorating my soon-to-be office, here is a pic I found that will serve as my inspiration.  I have it pinned on my 'Decor' Clipboard:

5.  Paul Newman's Frozen White Pizza - I would like to say that my boyf and I are what you could call 'frozen pizza connoisseurs'.  We turn to this delectable dish when we're in a hurry or just too lazy to make a real dinner.  I know it doesn't seem hard to find a good frozen pizza when there are hundreds upon hundreds of brands, styles and flavors to choose from, but as a connoisseur, I can tell you that it is.  Or so I thought until I tried Paul Newman's White Pizza.  It's made with feta instead of ricotta that gives just the perfect flavor along side the 'not-frozen' tasting is pure heaven.  I can literally eat the entire thing myself.  And did you know that all proceeds from any product Paul Newman makes goes to Charity?  How can you resist?  We actually buy alot of his products - anything from salsa to cereal and they are all worth trying.

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