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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drugstore Find Raves and Rants

1.  Revlon's Top Speed Nail Polish in Hazy - Okay so I've mentioned before about how I'm not normally a nail polish person but I still wanted a new color for Spring.  I absolutely under no circumstances wear the usual corals, pinks or reds that usually come out in the hotter months.  I instead have been dreaming about a pastel gray.  Imagine my delight when I found it at the local CVS and imagine my even greater delight when I read that it would dry in 'top speed'.  Revlon's Top Speed Nail Polish in Hazy is truly my new fave.  It's the most perfect pale gray for Spring and Summer and literally dries in 60 seconds just like it promises.

Please Excuse my Giant Man-Hands

2.  L'oreal's Magic Perfecting Base - I actually bought this awhile ago but only used it a couple times and then frankly, forgot all about it.  Well, I busted it back out since the hot Florida sun has a habit of melting my makeup into cakey lines all over my face. I was a little skeptical since most primers I've used end up doing absolutely nothing, or are too heavy and make me break out.  But the second I smoothed this extremely soft, velvety 'mousse' onto my face, I could tell this was a winner.  It evened out my skin tone, smoothed my pores and made a great base for my foundation.  So that day I was actually out and about in the hot sun for work and received several compliments on my 'perfect complexion'.  To make matters better, you can find it at any drugstore for like $8!

3.  Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Replenshing Hair Mask - I've made it clear in a previous blog how troubled my hair is...and that continues to be the case.  I'm still loving my Nexxus Pro-Mend Shampoo and Conditioner but when I know I'm going out and wearing my hair down - I turn to my new BFF, Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Conditioning Mask.  I put this on after I shampoo in place of the Pro-Mend Conditioner and leave it on for a couple minutes.  The second it washes out of my hair, I can feel the silky-smooth difference.  It gives my lifeless hair volume, shine and softness.  Again - this gem can be found at any drugstore in your area for like $8. 

So here come my rants...

4.  L'oreal's Carbon Black Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner - I don't think I would have picked this up if my fave Makeup Blogger, Makeup by Tiffany D hadn't recommended it as one her drugstore faves. I absolutely love Tiffany and her recommendations, so again, I had very high hopes for this product.  Okay, so I know 'hate' is a strong word but I seriously hate this product.  It is not easy to apply; it doesn't last - for example, about thirty minutes after applying, I scratched my eye area and ended smudging the eyeliner half way across my face and I hate the stiff, wierdly shaped applicator - it makes me think of a hard angled calligraphy pen...all in all, it's horrendous and I wish I could find my receipt so I could get my $7.99 back.

5.  Too Faced Candlelight Eye-Insurance - Not sure if Ulta technically counts as a drugstore, but it's close enough.  So I orginally went to Ulta for the Urban Decay Potion Primer in Sin - but as my luck would have it, it was sold out.  The salesgirl directed me to the Too Faced Primer since it was the most comparable to the Urban Decay.  For $18 a pop for a tiny tube, I had high expectations. To begin with, I like the golden shimmer it puts on my lids, but I don't think my eyeshadow lasted more than one hour without creasing.  I even feel like it makes my eyeshadow/eyeliner crease MORE than withOUT primer at all.  So I've actually been using my L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base on my eyelids and been pretty happy with that but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect eye-primer.